Empowering The Women of LTV: Our Initiative for Workplace Inclusion and Support

November 21, 2023
LTV Co. Team
Empowering The Women of LTV: Our Initiative for Workplace Inclusion and Support

Our Women of LTV program has played a crucial role in hosting conversations that explore topics such as women in STEM. Acting upon our eNPS feedback, in 2022 we created a safe space for our employees to discuss workplace topics by introducing quarterly meetings to complement our already established “Women of LTV” employee resource group. 

This platform provides a supportive environment for our dedicated employees and furthers our culture of inclusivity. The Women of LTV initiative is open to all LTV employees and continues to be a cornerstone of our organization that our employees look forward to each quarter.  

What is Women of LTV? 

Women of LTV is an initiative where our employees engage in thought-provoking discussions and attend informative panels on women in tech, leadership roles, and other contextual topics every quarter. The effort aims to empower our workforce, facilitate growth, and contribute to an inclusive and supportive workplace while fostering relationships between employees.

Women of LTV events  

We have hosted multiple Women of LTV events since the initiative started, with each one creating engaging conversations between our employees and facilitators. While we’ve hosted multiple events between 2022 and 2023, here are some of our most popular ones. 

Women in Tech Panel

Our first event, “Women Working in Tech, " featured a distinguished panel of women in leadership who engaged the audience with personal tales of navigating the world of STEM. These leaders were vulnerable with the group, sharing not only about the times they succeeded but also about times when they struggled in their roles. 

They also shared tips for enhancing one’s career, including rising up and leading others who may not always understand one’s perspective on new ideas or initiatives. We thank everyone who spoke on this panel, answering questions from the group while providing unique insights and fostering informative dialogues.

How women can champion each other at work

We  staged an analytical discussion based on an insightful article: “6 Ways Women Can Champion Each Other At Work.” Before the meeting, employees read over the article and came ready to discuss their opinions on the tips provided. While many of us agreed with the tips, there were also some that we felt didn’t align with our varied communication preferences. It was a great opportunity to discuss how we can take these tips, learn from them, and adapt our working styles to support all our work peers. 

Mindfulness and stress reduction with Twello

As part of our commitment to nurturing and preserving our team’s mental health, we collaborated with the women-owned and led company, Twello. Twello hosted a Mindfulness and Stress Reduction course tailored for women. This event highlighted some of the following topics, including: 

  • Learning ways to maintain positive mental health and reduce stress
  • Techniques women can use to support their teammates during stressful periods
  • Ways women can improve their self-care
  • Guided meditation to calm employees and lower stress levels

Twello also fostered a conversation about effective and accessible self-care beyond the products marketed on social media. Reflecting on the intensified responsibilities women tend to shoulder outside their professional sphere, the session also addressed the management of draining caregiving roles. This event really helped us reset and get back to work with a new outlook on the day.

How to feel more confident during a presentation 

In another exciting event, we launched the article “How To Feel More Confident During a Presentation.” Participants shared challenges they have faced during presentations, ways to overcome them, and strategies to adapt these tips in a remote environment. 

We had an open discussion where our employees shared additional challenges they face in the workplace and were able to give and receive advice from their peers on overcoming these challenges. These tips came from all levels at LTV and each was a good learning experience.

Our main discussion revolved around presenting in a remote environment. Since 2020, LTV has become a remote-first company, and switching from presenting in person to presenting to a remote audience was more challenging than it seemed. Together, we explored these challenges and came up with concrete ideas to help each other improve our skills and confidence. 

The future of Women of LTV

Our next session in 2023 will involve a discussion of goals and how to accomplish them in the workplace, as well as ways to overcome obstacles or challenges.

The Women of LTV initiative continues to flourish, catalyzing a more inclusive and encouraging atmosphere within our company. We believe in empowering every team member, fostering growth, and nurturing their potential. After all, a company thrives when its employees do.

Stay tuned for more updates on future Women of LTV events!