Why LTV Measures Employee Satisfaction With the eNPS

Why LTV Measures Employee Satisfaction With the eNPS

At the Lifetime Value Co. (LTV), our top priority is offering each of our employees an amazing culture and a fulfilling career. The best way for us to do that is to hear from you directly about what’s working and what we can improve on.

Employees can assist us in this process by providing feedback (constructive or appreciative) on our completely anonymous Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) survey. The eNPS is a widely used metric to gauge employee engagement and satisfaction.

What is eNPS?

The eNPS is based primarily on two important questions. The first: “How likely are you to recommend your employer to others as a place of work?” The second: “Why?”

We encourage all our employees, from the newest hire to our longest-tenured team member, to participate in the survey and provide as much detail as possible.

At LTV, we leverage this survey throughout the year to gather feedback that ultimately helps us improve our employees’ work experience and quality of life. We conduct the eNPS three times a year to align with our tri-annual team and department goal planning.

During each survey period, employees are asked to anonymously respond on a 0 to 10 scale, where 0 indicates “not at all likely” to recommend and 10 is “very likely” to recommend.

Why does LTV survey employees?

LTV is committed to creating an exceptional culture and fulfilling careers for all of our employees. The eNPS survey provides valuable feedback to help us achieve this goal. We read every comment our employees provide and take constructive feedback to create action items that positively change our work environment.

What changes has LTV made based on eNPS feedback?

At LTV, we are always looking for ways to improve the quality of life for our employees. Based on the eNPS feedback we received, we were able to implement several improvements for our employees, including:

  • Expanding our Paid Parental Leave Policy
  • Hosting more virtual and office events
  • Launching the LTV Book Club
  • Bringing about an employee gifting platform
  • Scheduling regular “No Meeting Days”

eNPS is an essential metric that provides valuable insights into employee engagement. At LTV, we recognize the importance of this metric and utilize the feedback provided by our employees to create a work environment that fosters growth, engagement and loyalty.

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