What Is a Day of Personal Significance at LTV?

October 4, 2022
LTV Co. Team
What Is a Day of Personal Significance at LTV?

The Lifetime Value (LTV) Co. is a remote-first company dedicated to offering employees an effective work-life balance. Alongside a generous PTO policy, paid holidays, flexible work hours and limited meeting days, we also offer our employees a Day of Personal Significance. This extra day of PTO can be used however an employee sees fit, on any day that is not already observed as a company holiday.

How does LTV’s Day of Personal Significance work?

A Day of Personal Significance is added to each full-time employee’s total time off at the beginning of the year and can be used at any time over the course of that year. We understand our employees come from different backgrounds, and some may want to take a holiday, cultural observance or nationally recognized day outside of LTV’s company-wide holidays.

To take their Day of Personal Significance, employees simply put in a request to their manager as they would with regular PTO.

“We don’t require employees to justify the reason for using this day, so the process is easy for them,” said Stefani Azzariti, HR Generalist at LTV. “All they have to do is request the day from their manager, and it will be approved.”

How is a Day of Personal Significance different from other types of PTO?

Employees are not expected to justify or explain why they are taking their Day of Personal Significance. Employees can use their Day of Personal Significance at their discretion and for their own reasons.

How LTV supports employees’ personal time

Offering our employees a Day of Personal Significance alongside a flexible remote schedule allows our team members around the globe to recognize and celebrate the things that matter the most to them.

We center our working culture around “Core Hours” to ensure our employees can collaborate, meet, and work together at certain times of the day. Employees then plan the rest of their days around their own work schedules and preferences, freeing up more time to focus on personal endeavors.

LTV also ends the work day early on the last business day before a major holiday, giving employees a chance to rest, travel, or get an extra couple of hours with their loved ones.

To start your journey with our remote-first, employee-first company, check out LTV’s open positions and employee benefits on our Careers Page.