LTV Announces New Benefits For Working From Home

LTV Announces New Benefits For Working From Home

With employees and contractors located all over the world, the Lifetime Value Co. has always been a remote-friendly company. We were well-prepared for the transition to fully remote work in early 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and though it took some adjustment, our team members have been thriving as remote workers ever since.

As we realized our remote-first culture was here to stay, LTV wanted to make it easier for its employees to work from home. That’s why, in 2022, we added two new work-from-home perks for all of our employees: a reimbursement for home office equipment and a quarterly utilities reimbursement.

How do LTV’s new WFH reimbursements work?

Our home office reimbursement gives employees the freedom to purchase things like monitors, office chairs, headphones, and other equipment to design their perfect work-from-home setup. They can choose technology, furniture and office supplies that are tailored to their individual needs and preferences, then get reimbursed by LTV.

“Our employees really like the home office reimbursement perk because they love that they can create a setup that works for their individual homes without worrying about the cost associated with it,” says Stefani Azzariti, Human Resources Generalist at LTV.

LTV’s quarterly utility reimbursement perk allows employees to offset their expenses for internet service and other home utilities they use during the course of their workday.

“We know that being home more means increased costs our employees pay towards monthly expenses,” Azzariti said. “We hope this benefit lessens the burden of that cost for our employees.”

What LTV employees think of our remote work perks

The home office equipment reimbursement and utilities reimbursement aren’t the only ways LTV tries to ensure its remote team is happy and thriving as they work from home. Shortly after our transition to remote work, we adapted other perks like our weekly in-office lunches to a stipend for lunches delivered to employees’ homes via UberEats.

“Our employees receive a stipend twice a week and are able to share their meals and lunch inspiration through our Slack channels,” noted Azzariti. “Despite the physical distance, our remote lunches with the Slack channel make us feel more together during lunchtime to help keep our sense of community alive.”

Though our new remote work reimbursement perks are relatively new, LTV employees are already sharing lots of positive feedback.

“Our employees appreciate that we are taking the increased cost of working from home into consideration and providing a meaningful benefit to help them with those costs,” Azzariti said. “Employees have expressed that all these perks have shown that we truly want to set them up for success while working from home.”

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