Why LTV Gives Employees Gifts

Why LTV Gives Employees Gifts

Employee recognition can take many forms, from monetary compensation and promotions to verbal praise and company awards. At the Lifetime Value Company, we do all of those things, but one of our favorite ways to show appreciation for our team’s hard work is through physical gifts.

We run several gifting campaigns throughout the year, including gifts for work anniversaries, promotions, end-of-year and general employee appreciation, where our employees can choose their gift through a third-party platform.

Here’s how our employee gifting program works and why our US and Costa Rica employees love receiving this token of our gratitude for their efforts.

Why LTV gifts employees

Employee recognition is critical to a successful, positive and productive work environment. Recognizing employees for their hard work and contributions can boost their motivation and engagement, increasing job satisfaction and improving performance.

“We love to show our employees how much we value them and want to reward their commitment to their teams,” said Emily F., Associate Operations Manager at LTV.

When employees feel valued, they are more likely to remain loyal and committed to their job, leading to increased productivity, improved morale and reduced turnover rates. In fact, a study by O.C. Tanner found that 37% of workers said receiving increased personal recognition from their employers would “encourage them to produce better work more often.”

Our four annual gifting campaigns for full-time US and Costa Rica employees include:

  • Work anniversaries: We give a gift to employees to mark each year of employment with LTV.
  • Holiday/end-of-year gifts: To show our appreciation for all our employees’ hard work throughout the year, we give them a gift around the holiday season.
  • Promotions: When an employee is promoted at LTV, they are eligible to choose a promotion gift through our third-party provider.
  • Employee appreciation: Any employee who is nominated and approved for this campaign is rewarded for their efforts with an additional gift.

What LTV employees think of their gifts

In addition to allowing employees to get some cool new things, the gifting platform makes them feel appreciated and valued by LTV. “This is a nice gift from LTVCo. It’s a great appreciation token to the employees,” said Sang D., Senior Engineer 1, who picked a Chromecast with Google TV as his gift.

“Thank you so much for this gift!” said Jalal H., Senior BI Manager, about his Sodastream Fizzi. “My first year at LTV has been absolutely fantastic, and I couldn’t have picked a better company to work for.”

Here are just a few other quotes from employees who wanted to share how they felt about receiving their gifts:

  • “What a surprise! Happy with the gift and the recognition. Thanks a lot!” - Warren C., Mid QA 1, who got a Red Jeans Versace Perfume.
  • “Thank you so much for the gift! It really makes me feel appreciated and motivates me to keep working hard!” - Gabriel R., Engineer 3, who picked a Belkin Wireless Charging stand with a speaker.
  • “Thanks so much for the gift! Great options! Can’t wait for more years to come at LTV!” - Rory S., Director of Marketing, who chose a Blue Apron subscription.