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We provide consultation services in:

  • Digital marketing and marketing plan development;
  • Advertising, marketing and promotion;
  • Business surveys;
  • Advertising and marketing campaigns and analysis;
  • Demand creation and lead generation;
  • Customer acquisition/conversion;
  • Developing marketing strategies,
  • Audience development;
  • Brand development/awareness;
  • Online community building and digital word of mouth communications;
  • Search engine optimization;
  • Sales promotion;
  • Business consulting services;
  • Cognitive computing and data-driven analytics;
  • Web design, web analytics and web content management software;
  • Digital advertising and marketing campaigns across multiple channels;
  • Website performance, social networks, online video, mobile applications, devices and display advertising;
  • Optimization of keyword search performance and creation;
  • Data warehousing and data mining services;
  • Monitoring technical functions of network systems;
  • Providing technical support services troubleshooting software problems, web analytics, internet and network updates, troubleshooting digital marketing and advertising software issues;
  • Computer software and technology consulting; and even
  • Business survey graphic design for advertising and marketing campaigns and analysis.

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