LTV's Onboarding Program for New Employees

Updated July 17, 2023
LTV Co. Team
LTV's Onboarding Program for New Employees

At The Lifetime Value Co. (LTV), a seamless onboarding experience is crucial for new team members to thrive. That’s why we are thrilled to announce updates to our Onboarding Program that will further enhance the transition into LTV for our new team members and promote their continued success as they progress in their careers.

Partnering with learning and development for onboarding support

One of the key changes we made is establishing a partnership between our Onboarding team and the Learning and Development (L&D) team. This collaboration provides in-depth support as new hires navigate their professional development and growth opportunities at LTV.

By joining forces, the Onboarding and L&D teams will help new hires maintain a strong focus on performance and continuous improvement. The L&D team, serving as an additional resource, encourages new hires to make the most of the growth opportunities available within our organization.

Enhancements to onboarding check-ins

We have also enhanced the Onboarding Program’s check-in process to track new hires’ progress better and provide valuable feedback. 

  • With the introduction of a new “Feedback” section as part of their Onboarding Check-ins, we ask our new hire’s managers to provide meaningful feedback before each check-in, ensuring new hires receive the necessary guidance for effective development.
  • Upon completing the onboarding program at the 14-week mark, we have arranged for an informal “handoff” facilitated by the HR Specialist of L&D. 
  • The HR Specialist will provide detailed insights into the career development opportunities available at LTV, the resources available, and how the L&D team can continue supporting new hires throughout their journey with us. This milestone marks an exciting turning point as new team members embark on their career at LTV.

We value the importance of meaningful feedback in both onboarding and performance management. Clear communication of expectations and constructive input and praise fosters growth and holds both the new hire and their manager accountable. They acknowledge work, teamwork skills, ability to execute tasks and more. A new team member’s manager can create a structured and supportive environment through actionable feedback, boosting confidence, improving performance and enhancing overall job satisfaction.

Six-month pulse check

The L&D team will conduct a six-month pulse check survey to promote a holistic evaluation of the new hire’s progress and talk through what the new team member’s experience has been like working at LTV so far. Team members will personally engage with new hires in the conversation, effectively capturing their feedback and input. This process helps us continually improve our onboarding program based on new experiences. For all 2023 new hires, a member of the L&D team will personally conduct the six-month pulse check, providing a personalized touch to the evaluation process.

Recorded onboarding overviews

At LTV, we understand that knowledge is key to success. That’s why our onboarding process includes a mix of Recorded Onboarding Overviews and Virtual Onboarding Overview meetings. These resources provide a comprehensive understanding of different departments, verticals and tools at LTV, helping new hires become well-acquainted with their role, team and the company.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have meticulously prepared the Recorded Onboarding Overviews within our organization. Their expertise allows them to deliver valuable insights unique to LTV. 

In addition to the selected recordings, new hires can explore other resources beyond their manager’s recommendations. Curiosity and desire for knowledge are encouraged and supported. If new team members have any comments or questions regarding the additional recordings, they have the opportunity to submit feedback through a Google Form. This feedback will be shared with the SMEs, allowing them to prepare for the upcoming SME Week meeting.

To further facilitate understanding and engagement, our onboarding SMEs will host Virtual Onboarding Overview Days once a month. These meetings will delve deeper into relevant topics, providing new hires with valuable insight and the opportunity to ask questions directly.

Our path to success

At LTV, we are dedicated to the success of new hires and their growth within our organization. Our enhanced Onboarding Program, combined with the collaboration between our Onboarding and L&D teams, will provide new team members with the necessary tools and support to excel in their roles and pursue their professional development goals. 

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