Why LTV offers a free lunch to employees

September 6, 2023
LTV Co. Team
Why LTV offers a free lunch to employees

At the Lifetime Value Company (LTV), we are excited to introduce our ongoing, hunger-satisfying benefit for our beloved employees: LTV Lunch Days! 

The core idea behind this initiative is simple: We want each of our employees to enjoy a hearty lunch on us every Wednesday and Friday. This meal is a small token of our appreciation for the invaluable work our employees do every day. 

How much is the LTV lunch credit? 

Our US employees get a budget of $25, and for our Costa Rica employees, a budget of ₡17,000 for the delivery platform of their choice. If their order exceeds this credit, the employee can cover the remainder with a personal payment method. 

How the lunch credit works for LTV employees

The process to enroll in this benefit is straightforward: Our new employees receive an email on their LTV email account inviting them to join the platform of choice based on their location. 

LTV prides itself on being a remote-first company, so we try to be flexible for employees who may not all live in the same time zone. Once signed up, employees can place orders during business hours on Wednesdays and Fridays, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. local time. 

Share your lunch on Slack! 

But it doesn’t end with food deliveries. To make this perk a community-building exercise and help our employees explore diverse local cuisines, LTV has created a lunch channel on Slack, where we encourage everyone to post pictures and share tantalizing reviews of their meals. 

Our employees love learning about the rich range of cultures and food options available across the US and Costa Rica. At the end of every month, they can vote on the top five food photos, with the winner receiving an additional lunch credit. 

As a remote-first company, we’re also mindful of the importance of creating a community and culture where employees can eat together. That’s why we have two recurring virtual lunch meetings on the day the credit is available, where employees can join to chat, share their meals or just hang out together. 

Bon appétit!

We’re happy to be offering LTV Lunch Days, a delicious perk that allows our team members to explore various food options while interacting more with each other. Besides the gastronomic inspiration, this benefit also allows us to express our gratitude for our employee’s hard work in a warm and uniquely LTV fashion. 

So, savor the flavor, and enjoy!