DevOps Engineer

San José, Costa Rica

About the Job

In today’s world, the roles of DevOps and Software Engineer have been highly intertwined. At The Lifetime Value Co. (LTV), we believe all engineers need to be trained and proficient in DevOps just as all DevOps need to be trained as software engineers. In that way, the interplay between the two roles becomes more of a team sport with comradery rather than a source of tension. DevOps Engineers should strive to build highly scalable, fault-tolerant infrastructures that our software engineers depend on to release their applications.

We believe in automation and tools to do the boring mundane work for us while we put our minds to more useful, fun, and challenging tasks. Not all problems should be solved with programs, however. In this remote-friendly role, you will choose between writing new software and scripts and using existing and tested frameworks. You’ll pick the most appropriate technology for the problem you’re trying to solve. You’ll collaborate with developers on the best ways to make their applications highly available, fault-tolerant, fast, and secure. You’ll be a part of the planning and scoping of projects from ideation to execution and help the team ensure that they are performing with the standards we set. You’ll help implement the appropriate monitoring tools to analyze infrastructure, application performance, business goals, and ensure everything is working as expected.

What You Will Get to Do

  • Help provision, build and maintain a high availability infrastructure to support multiple applications and services
  • Help analyze, troubleshoot, and allocate network resources
  • Collaborate with developers in architecting distributed solutions
  • Collaborate with developers in debugging network and infrastructure issues
  • Automate monitoring and alerts for system integrity, health, and security
  • Collaborate with our SRE team to plan for and participate in disaster recovery
  • Use automation and scripting whenever possible
  • Help load test and determine the necessary provisioning of new and existing apps

What You Bring to the Table

  • Solid professional experience working with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Experience working in complex distributed systems
  • Experience working with CICD tools
  • Exposure to infrastructure as code tools such as Terraform and Cloudformation
  • Experience within monitoring applications such as NewRelic, Prometheus, and Datadog
  • Proficient in at least one of the following programming/scripting languages: Bash, Go, Nodejs, PHP, Python, Ruby
  • Exposure with one of the following relational databases: MySQL, MariaDB
  • Experience with administering Linux systems
  • Hands-on, self-starter


  • English - Proficient level

Your Reward for Greatness

  • Competitive salaries
  • Panamerican life insurance
  • Panamerican private health insurance
  • Extra bonus at the end of the year
  • One extra vacation week per year (3 in total)
  • $500 reimbursement for home office improvements
  • Twice a week meal delivery through UberEats
  • $650 wellness & fitness subsidies
  • Anniversary bonuses & appreciation gifts
  • Day of personal significance
  • Online trainings paid by the company
  • 100% coverage in English classes
  • Customized growth opportunities
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Work from home
  • Innovative, energetic culture with great people
  • Leadership development
  • Employee resource groups through Slack
  • Password management with 1Password

Why LTV Co.?

If you have ambitions to be a part of a high-growth, results-driven, industry-leading organization, LTV is the place to be. LTV builds exciting data products and then we market them with passion. We’re a fast-growing company in New York City that balances the culture of a startup with the stability of being an established, profitable company. We want to work with people that strive to be in the top .01% of their field. We understand that getting to the top takes hard work, constant improvement, and by making data-driven decisions. It’s a thrilling time to join the team, as we’re expanding our product offerings in exciting new ways, driving innovation through data, marketing, and web & app development.

We believe in diversity and hiring people from all backgrounds and walks of life. You must be energetic, inventive, a team player, and looking to help build and grow the company each and every day. You must have an inner desire to win and the idea of losing is a non-starter. If you are looking for a position that allows you to work with a group of smart and dedicated people who will support you but still provide the autonomy you need to execute your strategy, then you should probably apply as soon as you’re done reading this!

About Us

LTV was founded in New York by Josh Levy and Ross Cohen in 2007. At the time their mission was to provide easy and affordable access to public records. Something that in 2007, was only really accessible to corporations. Since then their mission has expanded to developing products and services that grant access to information and data across a number of verticals. In service of this mission, LTV has 7 consumer brands including BeenVerified, NumberGuru, PeopleLooker, NeighborWho, Ownerly, PeopleSmart, and Bumper.

Our mission is to develop a diverse portfolio of technologies, products, and services, that gives all people equal access to unbiased data and information. We believe that through this access people can empower and protect themselves in today’s ever-changing world, filled with fake news, deception, and a lack of transparency.